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A few "old" projects

UABC and CICESE, Baja California, MX
Kelp reforestation

Multi-year project initially funded by the Rufford Foundation. The project aims to assist in the recovery of kelp forest in the Baja California Peninsula, MX.

Ecosystem Engineering

A beloved four-year project funded by Conacyt, MX aimed to measure how the density and morphology of intertidal seaweed influenced their ability as ecosystem engineers in modulating physical factors such as sediment transport, light, water flow, and others and how differences in these physical parameters affected the dynamics of associated organisms. 

Kelp selective breeding

Multi-year project funded by the DOE and led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. I worked on this project as a postdoctoral fellow for two years focused on optimizing hatchery protocols for selective breeding of Saccharina latissima. Among other things.

Figure 4.tiff
Use of biostimulants in mariculture

Collection of small side projects aimed to test how the application of seaweed-derived extracts influences growth rates of seaweed crops.

University if Costa Rica
Farming of tropical seaweed

Two-year project funded by the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation. This project was conducted in Costa Rica and aimed establishing protocols for the cultivation of tropical seaweeds at sea.

Farming of land crops on floatation

This wo-year Project funded by Grand Challenges Canada aimed to show that land crops can be grown on floatation with a minimum of soil. The rationale behind the idea is provide arid places with ideas of how to use available water to grow crops without the need to irrigation systems (thus saving lots of water).

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